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Like a car that is accelerating up a hill needs fuel, growing companies need capital to keep moving forward.

We work with management to create and execute strategies for providing capital to take the company to the next level.  You can see the opportunities; let FUSE bring you the capital you need to grab them.

FUSE partners have direct experience on both sides of the table – as entrepreneurs and as investors. We’ve facilitated millions of dollars in traditional loans, SBA loans, Private Equity, angel capital and venture capital.

Looking for a Private Equity partner? We’ve got you covered. Wondering how to present to Shark Tank (or just your local angel club)? Let us guide you. Looking for a loan to expand your operation? We can help.

Raising capital is about more than having collateral and a good idea. It’s about building relationships, identifying risks, planning for alternatives and exploring all the options. Fuse Financial Partners can walk you through this in a simple, straightforward way and give you the tools your bankers or investors will need to tell you “YES!”

Capital Services include:

  • Funding Strategies & Options
  • Loan Packages and Financial Forecasts
  • Funding Plans & Valuations for Sophisticated Equity Investors
  • Bank and SBA Connections
  • Angel Investment Strategies
  • Private Equity Funding
  • The NEW Crowdfunding Options
  • Self-Funding Options, Including 401k Roll-Over
  • Much More…


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