Your Guide to Business Finance: The Only Small Business Finance Book You’ll Ever Need

Why You Should Read The Entrepreneur’s Guide to Financial Statements


“Cash is the lifeblood of every business and knowing how to optimize it is an essential part of being a successful entrepreneur.  Worrell understands this basic tenant and shows entrepreneurs how to leverage their financial reporting and their systems to become expert managers.  Read this small business finance book and learn what the numbers are really telling you so that you can grow your business even faster. ”
– René Lacerte, Founder/CEO 


“This book is required reading for every business owner I work with. There is some kind of magic in David’s writing that makes powerful financial tools not just easy to understand, but also easy to use in any small business. This is a seriously important book for entrepreneurs.”
– Bill Manby, Angel Investor


I have your book on Financial Statements — it is required reading for any client I accept that lacks financial understanding… and recommended for most the rest.  The writing is just crisp and understandable without wasting a lot of time on those details they will never care about.
– Kirk Eklund, Founder, The Eklund Group


“After reading your book, which I borrowed from the Hudson Library, Hudson, OH, I quickly determined that I needed my own copy!”
– John Milan, CEO, Career Solutions Unlimited, LLC


“David has explained key financial concepts that are critical for an entrepreneur in a story-like format making the reading enjoyable and fun! All entrepreneurs who have a passion for creation (but are not so financially apt) will benefit from reading this book.”
– Rajeev Kulkarni, VP, GM Consumer Solutions, 3D Systems


“Worrell’s rock-solid foundation in entrepreneurship gives him an edge in providing simple, actionable advice. After reading this book, small business owners will be able to understand financial statements and apply financial analysis to overcome roadblocks, solve problems, and build strong, profitable, and rewarding businesses.”
– Rieva Lesonsky, former Editor of ENTREPRENEUR magazine and CEO of GrowBiz Media



This book is for you, the business owner.  It’s not a dull academic text — and it’s not some new age business fad — its a small business finance book that grabs your attention and won’t let go until you’ve improved everything about your company.

Think of this as “What you always wanted to know about making money, but were afraid to ask.”

This book uses illustrations, real-life stories and crystal-clear writing to show business owners the importance of “the numbers” and the critical nature of finance to the survival, profitability, and growth of their businesses.  Order your copy now from Amazon, or check out our other great products to help your business grow by clicking here.


  • Written by a business owner for business owners
  • Makes reading financial statements easy and interesting
  • Shows how any business owner can shape unique financial statements to better manage their business
  • Breaks down the complexity of finance into easy-to-remember stories about real people and real companies
  • Examines and explains each of the three main financial statements
  • Explains and calculates common ratios used by banks and investors
  • Includes instruction on creating dashboards and other every-day tools for the business owner
  • Makes small business finance come alive — the only small business finance book you’ll ever need!



Don’t go another year without understanding what the numbers are telling you.
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