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You Can’t Stop Cyber Crime… But You Can Buy Cyber Insurance

Cyber Security

In the wake of the Equifax data theft, Yahoo’s revelation about losing 1 billion customer records, and news about data theft sponsored by the governments of North Korea and Russia, it’s clear that there are some “very bad dudes” on the internet. So, what can you do to be perfectly protected??

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Why Real Estate Appraisals Suck… and Why You Should Care

Real Estate Appraisal

As a financial analyst and CFO, I’ve seen a lot of real estate transactions.  But not until recently did I appreciate how important the real estate appraisal process is … and how screwed up it is. It used to be that the appraisal process was a joke: a pure formality

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Business Transformation Part 1: Why You Might Need it Now!

transform your business transformation

Business transformation is the purposeful change in business processes, systems, products, organization and culture, in response to changing market conditions. Does your company need it? If you face any of these challenges, the answer is likely “Yes”…

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Love to Hate Your Accountant? 8 Ways to Know It’s Time to Break Up

bad accountants

Time and again I hear of entrepreneurs complaining about a lack of accurate books – but in the same breath say that they have been with their accountants for so long that they couldn’t possibly leave. Sounds crazy, right? Sure, your relationship with an accountant feels personal. But how bad

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4 Ways Do-It-Yourself Accounting will Tank Your Business

We’re in a time when anyone can spend a few hours on YouTube and learn almost anything — from brewing your own beer to making a better soufflé.

Even so, no one would try to learn to be a surgeon, or to fly a plane, or embark on any number of highly skilled tasks without expert coaching. So why is it that so many business owners take on the task of accounting without so much as consulting a professional finance person? Here’s the 4 warning signs for DIY Accounting… are you falling victim?

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Optimizing Cash Flow: 7 Steps to Less Stress and a Better Business

Keep Cash Flowing Like Niagara Falls

It’s a simple truth: “Hope is not a strategy.” It’s true in so many fields of human endeavor, but none more than cash flow.  And with so many business owners relying on hope to avoid a cash flow crisis, it’s no wonder some businesses wind up in a place known for a very different saying; “Abandon all

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4 Strategies for Surviving Foreign Currency Exchange Risks

Manage Foreign Exchange Risk

Any business that deals internationally deserves to have a strong, forward-looking currency plan that supports the company’s overall financial goals and protects their profit margins. The re-valuation of the Chinese Yuan this week highlights a risk that most small businesses barely acknowledge: the cost and volatility of international money exchange.
If you’re buying raw materials from China, your costs suddenly increased by 4% (enough to wipe out the entire profit margin for some businesses), which makes foreign currency exchange a risk that you cannot afford to ignore.
How do you protect yourself against these kinds of risks? Here’s the 4 basics you need to know now…

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Payroll Loans vs. SBA Loans

At any given time, millions of small businesses are seeking some sort of financing with needs as varied as their value propositions. Fortunately, small businesses have many options for borrowing the cash they need, but they too vary widely in terms of how they address their cash needs. On one

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