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Carefree Boat Club of Lake Norman hired Rock Solid Finance to set growth strategy and strengthen cash flow. The boat club has grown from 6 boats on Lake Norman to more than a dozen, and recently acquired a close competitor. Rock Solid Finance continues to provide accounting and strategic advice as the club grows.

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Rock Solid Finance provides services for enloop, a powerful (and free!) on-line business planning tool. Check out our advice in the enloop blog.

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AmeriStart counts on Rock Solid Finance for everything from bookkeeping to bank negotiations. Our partners have worked hand in hand with the AmeriStart team for more than 5 years to negotiate investor transactions, contract with customers, forecast sales, and manage cash.

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Laptop Lunches (aka Obentec, Inc.) is the leader in stylish, earth-friendly lunch boxes. Based in Santa Cruz, California, Laptop Lunches relies on Rock Solid Finance to provide insight and data that helps improve pricing and distribution strategies. CEO Tammy Pelstring says, “Rock Solid Finance is a real partner in helping us sell more of our eco-friendly Laptop Lunch Boxes.”

Ballancrest Academy is a fast growing pre-school with a unique science curriculum.  To take advantage of this dynamic market, Ballancrest needed better controls on cash flow and a plan for expansion and acquisition. After creating a complete cash management program and setting up accounting procedures, Rock Solid Finance has begun helping Ballancrest Academy secure new lines of credit to fuel their continuing growth.

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ShopBot Tools asked Rock Solid Finance to do a feasibility study on a new business idea. Our research and strategic planning identified a massive new market opportunity for this industry leader in Durham NC. Stay tuned!

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DigiMusicBids is an early stage company that uses Rock Solid for strategic and finance advice. We have helped them apply for grants and venture funding. We have advised them on re-shaping their strategy and re-launching under a new brand. Stay tuned for more from this exciting group.

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Feel Golf first came to Rock Solid in the late 1990’s for help with their initial business plan. Over the years, we have helped them raise angel capital and build operations. When they became a publicly traded company, Rock Solid advised their board of directors.

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Administrators from the Department of Energy contacted Rock Solid Finance to evaluate Renewable Energy Grant applicants. Rock Solid Finance helped the DOE decide which companies received over $2 billion in federal research grants and tax credits as part of The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act.

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For nearly 9 years, Rock Solid founder David Worrell contributed small business finance articles to Entrepreneur Magazine. His monthly column, “Raising Money” was one of the most-read columns among the magazine’s 3 million readers. David’s feature stories (such as “Retire Rich” at left) regularly graced the cover of Entrepreneur.

When I told my banker that I hired Rock Solid Finance, he smiled (which I’d never seen him do) and the he said flat out, “How much money do you need?”

This has been a real turning point in how I manage my business.”

-Lorie Galloway, President
LG Companies, TX

“I just found your Rock Solid site tonight and will spend the next several hours reading until my wife yells at me to come to bed… Outstanding information!”

- Stuart Smith
CFO, www.GunWay.com

Rock Solid Finance has been instrumental in building my business model. David has both the breadth and depth of knowledge to provide insightful advice. Couple David’s business ethics to his talents and drive – you have an outstanding resource! If you are an entrepreneur in need of assistance, I highly recommend David.”

- Ameet Shah
Entrepreneur / Inventor

“David has interviewed hundreds of business owners, experts, venture capitalists, bankers and more to help entrepreneurs find solutions to their business financing and management problems. He is a true expert in this field and uncovered the root of problems faced by entrepreneurs and powerful solutions and resources to match.”

- Peggy Bennet
Editor, Entrepreneur Magazine

“David took the time to understand the entire business. He clearly gets what it takes to raise capital and finance a business.

- Nabeel Hyatt
Serial Entrepreneur / Investor / Advisor

“David’s most recent post is outstanding IMO. This definitely isn’t my area of expertise, but I found his take on selling a business and valuation – using Shark Tank as an example – really interesting. I learned something new, and that’s the point, isn’t it?  Thanks, David!”

Senior Editor,  D&B Digital

Dave, your “Shark Tank” articles are the best I’ve come across. You never know when you might find yourself in front of “Mr. Wonderful”

        -Laurie Ludwig, CPA

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