Steve Milan

RSF--9Whether your company is just getting started, growing quickly or has a bump in the road, Steve is all about helping small businesses achieve their goals through CFO services, business and financial consulting.

As a graduate from the University of Michigan with a M.S. in mechanical engineering and a Masters in Management from the Chrysler Institute, Steve started his career in manufacturing operations. Throughout his career, Steve started, owned and sold several small businesses, spanning from chemical manufacturing to textile and apparel distribution.

In addition to manufacturing and distribution, Steve entertains over a decade of experience as a SBA banker. This wealth of knowledge about loan programs and the lenders who administer them is vital in helping small businesses obtain the capital they need to prosper.

At Fuse Financial Partners, Steve helps companies spot internal gaps in manufacturing and administrative processes, as well as defining the external go-to-market strategies that will power their growth. While not working, Steve enjoys watching John Wayne movies and traveling.

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