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4 Advantages of FreshBooks: A Fresh Look at Ditching QuickBooks

Everybody loves to hate QuickBooks. Sure, it is the most complete small business accounting software, but sometimes that’s the problem.  If you are simply looking to track hourly income and a few expenses, QuickBooks is too much of a good thing. (Read a great Quickbooks review here) Why worry about […]

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Mobile Payment Technology: 6 new ways to take your customer’s money

The ATM on the sidewalk is dead.  Long live the ATM in my pocket. In 1973 the first ATMs changed the way customers paid. And for 40 years they remained a vital fixture of retailers, gas stations, and banks…until now. Now cash and ATMs are quickly losing their appeal as new technology gives […]

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Escape Quickbooks Jail: 4 new alternatives to accounting software

I love QuickBooks. It’s fast, powerful, and full featured.  I even interviewed the guy who designed it.  But I also hate QuickBooks.  In fact, it’s so complex that I hired an employee just to manage the books and run the reports. That’s pretty sick, right? Its a $300 program that requires a $30,000 a […]

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