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Real Crowdfunding May Soon Be Legal

Many entrepreneurs I know would be living in federal prison if current fundraising laws were strictly enforced.  But funding a small business is about to get a lot safer and easier for business owners. Prez Obama endorsed two new crowdfunding bills (not yet law) that would end “the red tape that […]

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Kindle Apps Setting Fire to Business Productivity

Kindle Fire ignites business

### UPDATE: Amazon has changed access to many of the apps featured in this article since December 2011, when this article was written. Our recommended apps were compatible with the Kindle at that time, but many are no longer compatible. We hope this article can inspire you to find similar […]

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The big piece of paper that changed my business forever

People say that writing things down creates a certain kind of magic. It must be true.  Some of the most powerful magic I’ve ever seen came from a 24″ x 36″ piece of paper and a colored marker that became my business dashboard.   After I created a business dashboard, […]

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PayPal: Safe for Business…or a Crazy Gamble?

News broke this week of the extraordinary measures that PayPal is taking to deny business account holders access to money legitimately deposited into their accounts. An emerging social media site called Diaspora reported that PayPal has frozen their account and blocked the release of more than $45,000.  Similar stories are […]

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Catch the WAVE for Free Accounting: Software You’ll Love for What it Lacks

Rock Solid Tech Reviewer Joanna Ebizie is at it again.  This week she’s discovered a free accounting tool called WAVE accounting.  What you’ll love most about this new online solution is really what it DOESN’T have….  Here’s Joanna…. “Do you love your accounting software?  I think I know the answer. […]

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VIDEO: “Why” Is the Reason Some Companies Rocket to the Top

This is not a finance topic, but it’s the key to nearly everything else in your business. You already know the “TED Talks“, right?  Well here’s one that is both Inspiring and Useful.  Posted above is a talk that Simon Sinek should have called “The WHY of Market Leaders”. Take his advice to […]

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Raising Capital is a Breeze with

Anyone who’s tried to get an introduction to investors knows how difficult making a good connection can be. Even if you can find qualified and interested investors, you’re likely nervous about standing in front of a bunch of wealthy old men in suits.  Start-up fundraising is hard…to say the least. […]

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American Jobs Act Has Something For Small Business

President Obama announced his new American Jobs Act and promised it would invigorate small businesses. I’m often skeptical of the impact of any regulation, but this bill has a lot in it for you and me as business owners. There are 3 key sections that you should know about.  Here’s […]

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