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Make Finance the Foundation of Your Growth: Step 3 of my Business Tune Up Program

Bankers: Your new best friend

Ready for part 3 in my 4-part Business Tune-Up Program? By now you know what really drives your profits; you have a dashboard that helps you keep track; and you have fixed any cash bottlenecks. Now it’s time to magnify all the good things you are doing in your business […]

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Put the Spark Back into Your Business: Step 1 of the Business Tune-Up Program

Entrepreneurs are an odd lot.  We pursue a passion but end up with a business. Sure, launching a company seems like a good idea at first. We start with stars in our eyes, but end up married to the dreary demands of running a company. If your business is not […]

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All New Business Apps: 4 Ways Tablets can Transform Your Business

Are you stuck at your desk, trying to build a company using your PC to track and manage everything yourself? Its time to streamline — and transform — your business by using the next generation of tablets and apps.  It’s no longer optional — your competitors are going to leap […]

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Crowdfunding Update: What you Need to Know Today to Raise Equity from the Crowd

If you’re looking to raise money for your business or startup, you should start getting ready now to offer stock to the general public under the new law called Jumpstart our Business Startups, or JOBS Act. Title III of the JOBS Act allows private businesses — even startups — to raise money from […]

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Retirement is Dead: Retire in Entrepreneurial Style by Building Wealth Instead of Savings

I’ve accepted it: Retirement is dead. Anyone still working today might never be able to retire. So why are we all putting money into retirement savings accounts?  Between IRAs, ROTHs, 401(k)s, SIMPLEs, SEPs and SOLOs, there’s no shortage of ways to save for a day that may never arrive.  And […]

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DRP*: The Most Important Thing You Aren’t Doing at Work

I’m sitting on the beach today.  But last week I was mopping up water. Yep, my office flooded last week.  A hot-water heater burst and rain fell from the ceiling for hours.  By the time we got the water off, $10,000 of damage had been done. It started me thinking […]

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ACH: How to Avoid Credit Card Merchant Fees Forever

ACH beats Visa everytime

If you generally charge customers more than $10 at a time, ACH is the cheapest, easiest and most efficient way to get paid. I’m not promoting any particular solution, but here’s a few ways you can ditch Visa and Mastercard — and save thousands of dollars a year.

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Keep your Sanity and your Money with this One Simple Bookkeeping Mantra

simple accounting rules

Its amazing how complicated you can make bookkeeping if you try. Apply for a handful of credit cards, get two or three bank accounts, and carry arround a checkbook … and you’re on your way to a life of late payments and bounced checks. There’s a better way. In fact, […]

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