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Put Everything in the Cloud … But Put Cloud Accounting First

Online accounting will transform the way your business runs. But that’s just the beginning. Every other business system will eventually be online and must connect to the accounting system. Using an online accounting system will be the single most important move you’ll make… if you follow these 7 rules:

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SaaS Business Model: Use Excel, not Magic, to Calculate Success

Forget “magic number” theories of SaaS business models. Grab this free Excel spreadsheet to find out if your SaaS business will thrive or dive. Includes Churn and GM%.

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6 (Legal) Ways to Fix Year End Financial Statements and Pay Less Tax

The sun has set on 2014 and your year-end financial statements look a bit gloomy. Maybe you are showing a bad loss - or maybe too much profit. You need financial statements that will impress your banker, let you pay less tax, and better position you for profits in the new year. But how? [...]Continue Reading »

The Story of Dr. G. (Never Hire a Qualified Employee When an Over-Qualified One Will Do)

I’ve hired a lot of people in the last ten years, but none as valuable as Dr. G  – a terrifyingly smart, over-qualified guy who was grateful for the low-paying job I gave him. How I found Dr. G and why he was such a great employee illustrates the single […]

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6 Ways Tablets (Should) Power Your Business

Small business success means being more productive than the competition: Faster, better, cheaper. And there’s no tool that will make a business faster, better and more productive than a tablet computer. If your business is not tablet-ized, now is the time. Don’t shudder when you think about splurging on a […]

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The Cheapskate’s Guide to Employee Benefits: 3 Ways to Cut Costs and Keep Employees Happy

When companies look to cut costs, employee benefits are one of the first things to go. That saves money, but hurts morale – right when you need your team to pull together and work harder. Fortunately, there are ways for you to cut expenses and provide some excellent employee benefits. Here […]

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Take Your Finances Mobile: 4 Top Apps for Accounting On the Go

Mobile devices are the busy entrepreneurs best friend.  Just as mobile devices and apps have made it possible to take your operations on the road, the new generation of apps is making it possible to take your business finances too. But its more than just being mobile. Smartphones and tablets […]

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Key Person Insurance: How to pick a policy without getting ripped off

Key Man Insurance for Business Owners

If given the choice, I think most business owners would rather discuss…well…just about anything other than life insurance. Who wants to think about isuring the life of a key person in your business? Or your own? But if you love your business, care about your employees and want to protect your business partners, […]

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