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SaaS Business Model: Use Excel, not Magic, to Calculate Success

Forget “magic number” theories of SaaS business models. Grab this free Excel spreadsheet to find out if your SaaS business will thrive or dive. Includes Churn and GM%.

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The $24 Wrong Number — Calculate The True Cost of Sales

Cost of Sales - Telesales

Quick!  Do you know the cost of sales at your company? If you make sales by phone, maybe you think, “phone calls are free”.  Well, yes…and no. Let’s get specific.  What’s the per call cost of sales by phone? Would you believe that telesales cost most companies almost $24.00 per call?  I’m […]

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Business Cash Crisis? Push your Cash Conversion Cycle

It’s OK, at some point, every business owner feels it.  It starts with a tightening of the chest.  Then there’s the ache in the pit of your stomach.  And a fuzzy feeling in your head. Why? It’s almost payday and you’re short on cash. First, breathe.  Stressing out won’t put cash […]

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Are you Financing a Russian Crime Boss?

I recently discovered a number of businesses in the USA that are helping the Russian Mob rip people off.  If you sell a product, your company could be one of them. I’m not kidding. HP and Office Max are on the list.  So is PayPal.  And hundreds of other companies […]

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The Power of “No”

I’ve been doing a lot of negotiating lately: Contracts, pricing, sales. And I’ve discovered a super-power that I did not know that I had… the power to say NO. NO has saved me from making huge mistakes and has earned me countless thousands of dollars. When a prospect asked me […]

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VIDEO: “Why” Is the Reason Some Companies Rocket to the Top

This is not a finance topic, but it’s the key to nearly everything else in your business. You already know the “TED Talks“, right?  Well here’s one that is both Inspiring and Useful.  Posted above is a talk that Simon Sinek should have called “The WHY of Market Leaders”. Take his advice to […]

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Curating, Content and Fun: 3 rules for business in 2012

The CEO of (an amazing luxury ecommerce company), Susan Lyne just revealed her vision of the future of “curated” commerce. She describes why Gilt “curates” their site and shares 3 new rules for doing business online.  That’s great, but let’s go further and just say it — these 3 secrets apply to all businesses.  Whether you sell […]

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4 Advantages of FreshBooks: A Fresh Look at Ditching QuickBooks

Everybody loves to hate QuickBooks. Sure, it is the most complete small business accounting software, but sometimes that’s the problem.  If you are simply looking to track hourly income and a few expenses, QuickBooks is too much of a good thing. (Read a great Quickbooks review here) Why worry about […]

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