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Skip the Bank: Where to Find a Business Loan when Banks say “No!”

Banks don’t really “get it” do they? You stride into a bank with all the confidence in the world… and you slink away because they just don’t want to put their money into your business.

That’s no reason to give up. There are at least 4 other major sources of business capital available to you. Check out these 4 places you’ll find hidden capital to help you grow your business:

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Why Mergers Fail: The CFO Role can Make or Break an M&A Deal

83 percent of mergers have failed to result in increased shareholder value… but a successful merger does not have to be elusive. CFOs that focus on pre-close planning, organizational culture integration, and post-close execution can achieve improved shareholder value from a successful deal. Read more about how to think about — and execute — a great M&A strategy. Get your CFO into the mergers and acquisitions game!

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Don’t Be Shark Bait: Tell an Investor What Your Company is Worth Now… and Later!

The ABC reality TV show “Shark Tank” is incredible.  Each week, contestants are offered millions of dollars for a piece of their company.  They have about 30 seconds to say yes or no.  It looks simple, doesn’t it? Behind the scenes, it is anything but simple — and the business […]

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You agreed to WHAT? Know the Unknowable before Signing Away $ Millions

At lunch yesterday, I had the guilty pleasure of hearing “war stories” from a group of lawyers, accountants and bankers. Sometimes lunch with this crowd is yawn-inducing, but these guys were on a tear and each told of an unlucky client who had accidentally lost millions in a business transaction. […]

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The Power of “No”

I’ve been doing a lot of negotiating lately: Contracts, pricing, sales. And I’ve discovered a super-power that I did not know that I had… the power to say NO. NO has saved me from making huge mistakes and has earned me countless thousands of dollars. When a prospect asked me […]

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Negotiating with Angels: When to Rescue a Funding Deal – and When to Walk Away

You’ve been carefully nurturing an equity investor and now he’s threatening to walk away from the deal. Despite an endless number of presentations, term sheets, meetings with partners and expensive legal documents, it looks like the negotiation is going to unravel.  And that could unravel your business too. What’s an […]

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Bank Loans: 7 Secrets to Crack the Safe Wide Open

Lending is tight, but loans are available for the well-informed. If you are looking for a business loan, know these 7 keys to approval before you sit down with a banker. You won’t find these secrets anywhere else!

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What’s a company worth? Mike explains valuation!

Angel Investor?

I’m thrilled to introduce a guest blogger today.  Michael Sinsheimer is a serial entrepreneur and angel investor specializing in med tech. (See “MedTech Catalyst“)  This guy knows what he’s doing, so I’ll let him explain valuation.  Here’s Mike: *** When an entrepreneur sells stock in his company, he’s got to come up […]

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