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Small Business Fraud: 5 Things You Must Do to Protect Your Business Now

small business frauds

Every year, two out of three small businesses fall victim to some level of fraud. Not all of them know it. Some never will. The damage may be small and contained … or it may still be growing. Worse, 80% of attempted small business fraud comes from outside of the organization. That means that your company’s financial data is most at risk after it leaves your office, where it may be completely out of your control.
How big of a problem is this? The average small business fraud victim lost $23,100 … but there are 5 key things you can do to avoid this fate.

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What You Must Know to Protect Trade Secrets

Protect Trade Secrets - shhhh

Are you protecting the value you’ve built in your business? Lately we’ve talked a lot about employee theft and embezzlement. But what about the value that you can’t put in the bank?  Trade secrets are hard to place a value on, but can be a vital part of your competitiveness […]

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Employee or 1099 Contract Labor? Fix the Problem and Get Right with the IRS … For Free

1099 Employee problems are no problem

Avoid all these payments, pains and problems by taking advantage of the IRS amnesty program. Called the Voluntary Classification Settlement Program, it grants virtually blanket amnesty for all prior years, while allowing you to make things right at a discounted rate for the current tax year only. To my mind, this is the best deal to come out of the IRS since … well… ever.

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American Greed: The 10 Worst Corporate Scandals of All Time (infographic)

We’ve talked about Shark Tank… Now let’s talk about the other Business-Meets-Reality TV Show, “American Greed”.  Check out this amazing infographic: “The Ten Worst Corporate Accounting Scandals of All Time“. More than $250 billion vanished!  Can you name the perps?  When you’re finished, take a moment to look at your […]

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Are you Financing a Russian Crime Boss?

I recently discovered a number of businesses in the USA that are helping the Russian Mob rip people off.  If you sell a product, your company could be one of them. I’m not kidding. HP and Office Max are on the list.  So is PayPal.  And hundreds of other companies […]

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Crooked Co-Workers: 6 Steps to Spot Embezzlers at Your Company

embezzlers can be nicely dressed

Is there a thief working in your office?  I’m not talking about a convict wearing an orange jump suit.  I’m talking about a well dressed employee who is, at this very moment, ripping you off for thousands — maybe millions — of dollars.  Would you even know if your employees […]

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ACH: How to Avoid Credit Card Merchant Fees Forever

ACH beats Visa everytime

If you generally charge customers more than $10 at a time, ACH is the cheapest, easiest and most efficient way to get paid. I’m not promoting any particular solution, but here’s a few ways you can ditch Visa and Mastercard — and save thousands of dollars a year.

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Credit Card Nightmares: Six Simple Ways to Prevent Employee Credit Card Abuse

As a business owner, you have drive, desire and dreams of something bigger.  Sadly, according to a recent survey by the National Association of Fraud Examiners, you probably also have a higher-than-average risk of being a victim of fraud, with an average loss of $200,000. Business credit card abuse is […]

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