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How a Boy Billionaire Starts a New Business

Sean Parker - Entrepreneur, Genius, Billionaire

Boy billionaire Sean Parker got famous pretty young and pretty fast.  If you are old enough to remember the original company called “Napster” then you know the kind of trouble Sean Parker caused in 1999.  His amazing little file-sharing company kicked off a revolution in the music business and made (then […]

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Hit By A Bus: Is There Business After Death?

It doesn’t make for pleasant conversation, but it happens every day…Business owners die. And even as they pass on to the great balance sheet in the sky, their worldly business goes on… for better or worse. I call this the “hit by a bus” problem, and it’s something we will […]

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What do bloggers earn? Writing is no way to make a living!

My wife is a great cook.  A certified pastry chef and professional food buyer. She loves everything about food.  And she’s good at it.  Really good.  Her Twitter name is “@JustSayYum“, if that gives you a clue about where her head is. So, while I love her cooking, I keep […]

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Why Neurotic People Win


I’ve had a hard time focusing lately. The world is moving too fast and I can’t stop thinking that there’s more I should be doing.  Just reading a single issue of INC Magazine I get bombarded with 10 Next Big Things: from iPad apps and organic chocolate bars to video […]

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Crazy Ideas for New Businesses…may be the best ideas yet

Not all new business ideas are crazy, but Eric Hippeau thinks that the best ones are. Here’s why your craziest idea for a new business is golden.

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Selling a Company Sucks: 3 signs of seller’s remorse

For most entrepreneurs, selling a company can seem like the ultimate goal. But it can also be a complete let down. Beware of Seller’s Remorse!

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Writing a Business Plan: 9 Ways to Get Unstuck

Writing a business plan can make the best writer go a little crazy. Here are 9 ways you can break through the creative block and finish your biz plan.

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Cash from Patents – Part II

Yesterday, Mike gave me some grief about turning patents into cash. He’s right — it ain’t easy. Here’s a more complete look at the issue.

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