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Making Sure Your Business Can Bounce Back: the Best Ways to Prepare for the Unexpected

The business environment is constantly changing. Even the most carefully conceived business plan cannot claim to be bullet proof in a dynamic setting in which there are too many unknown and unpredictable elements. The success and longevity of a business in any industry will depend on its agility to deal […]

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Credit Card Nightmares: Six Simple Ways to Prevent Employee Credit Card Abuse

As a business owner, you have drive, desire and dreams of something bigger.  Sadly, according to a recent survey by the National Association of Fraud Examiners, you probably also have a higher-than-average risk of being a victim of fraud, with an average loss of $200,000. Business credit card abuse is […]

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Business Risk: 7 Ways to Get All the Reward With None of the Risk

When you quit your job to start a company, did you think you were invincible? When you sold your first company, did you think you were unstoppable?  As a young entrepreneur I actually believed that risk leads to reward. Now I’m 40-something and on my fourth business venture. And I know its not true. […]

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American Jobs Act Has Something For Small Business

President Obama announced his new American Jobs Act and promised it would invigorate small businesses. I’m often skeptical of the impact of any regulation, but this bill has a lot in it for you and me as business owners. There are 3 key sections that you should know about.  Here’s […]

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The Internet is Making You Stoopid

While most Americans were surfing funny pet videos on YouTube last week, the Wall Street Journal reported that the Internet is making us stupid and killing the kind of creativity that entrepreneurs need.   But surprise!   It’s not YouTube or LOLcats that is squashing entrepreneurship.  In fact, just the opposite.  Here’s […]

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Entrepreneurship: Now Available at Your Local University

I’m thrilled that “entrepreneurship” is now a major you can study in school.  In fact, you can get a master’s degree in entrepreneurship.   College is a time for focused, intense learning no matter what subject you pick.  Same holds for business majors and entrepreneurs as it does for doctors […]

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Bail, Paddle or Swim: What failed companies do when the ship is sinking

Companies come and go.  Thanks to the Great Recession, I happen to know several that are on the way out. All three were stunningly profitable… in 2008.  But now, all three are losing money.  All three have a business model that is probably past its prime. None is paying the […]

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Elon Musk: “3 Secrets of my Success”

Are you up for a wild ride through the mind of an rock-star entrepreneur? Give Elon Musk a call and ask him to share his secrets to success.  I did just that and the 39-year-old billionaire did not hesitate to give me three lessons he’s learned the hard way.  Here they are in […]

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