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Who Pays When an Employee Dies: The Cirque Du Soleil Tragedy

For the first time in Cirque Du Soleil’s 29-year history, a performer died last month when she fell during an aerial sequence in the show “KA” in Las Vegas. This wasn’t just a shock for the audience, but also a test of the entire Cirque business. It also made me […]

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Rocket-Man: Elon Musk’s Secret of the Pivot

I had a rare opportunity to speak with Elon Musk.  In case that name is not familiar, you certainly know him by what he has done in the last decade: Musk revolutionized online payments with PayPal, re-imagined space travel with SpaceX, and created one of the hottest (and all-electric) cars […]

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Your Money or Your Wife: The Danger of Mixing of Love and Business

I was 27 and struggling with my first start-up when I met my wife. She seemed like the perfect addition to my growing company. She worked without pay and never complained when the job kept me at the office until midnight – because she was there too. I told this […]

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Key Person Insurance: How to pick a policy without getting ripped off

Key Man Insurance for Business Owners

If given the choice, I think most business owners would rather discuss…well…just about anything other than life insurance. Who wants to think about isuring the life of a key person in your business? Or your own? But if you love your business, care about your employees and want to protect your business partners, […]

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Are you Financing a Russian Crime Boss?

I recently discovered a number of businesses in the USA that are helping the Russian Mob rip people off.  If you sell a product, your company could be one of them. I’m not kidding. HP and Office Max are on the list.  So is PayPal.  And hundreds of other companies […]

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You agreed to WHAT? Know the Unknowable before Signing Away $ Millions

At lunch yesterday, I had the guilty pleasure of hearing “war stories” from a group of lawyers, accountants and bankers. Sometimes lunch with this crowd is yawn-inducing, but these guys were on a tear and each told of an unlucky client who had accidentally lost millions in a business transaction. […]

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DRP*: The Most Important Thing You Aren’t Doing at Work

I’m sitting on the beach today.  But last week I was mopping up water. Yep, my office flooded last week.  A hot-water heater burst and rain fell from the ceiling for hours.  By the time we got the water off, $10,000 of damage had been done. It started me thinking […]

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Negotiating with Angels: When to Rescue a Funding Deal – and When to Walk Away

You’ve been carefully nurturing an equity investor and now he’s threatening to walk away from the deal. Despite an endless number of presentations, term sheets, meetings with partners and expensive legal documents, it looks like the negotiation is going to unravel.  And that could unravel your business too. What’s an […]

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