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Part 3 – Financial Reporting: You Can’t Make Good Decisions with Bad Data

Better Business Decisions Start with Better Financial Reporting

Last time we looked at nine warning signs that your business might need a transformation or major tune-up.  This time we’ll talk about how to get started, with four improvements in management information and financial reporting.  In short, to make better decisions with better data, you need to: 1. Correct errors in your […]

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Business Transformation Part 2: Warning Signs that Your Business Needs a Makeover

Last time we defined business transformation and its role in a thriving business. How can you know when your business might need a transformation or major tune-up? Here are nine warning signs that you may be overdue. Is your financial data accurate and correctly organized? Lack of good financial reporting […]

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Business Strategies to Grow Bigger, Faster, Smarter: Step 4 of my Business Tune-Up Program

I’ve often said that you should not start any business without a business plan. So are you surprised that I put this strategy step at the end of my Business Tune Up Program? There’s a good reason. A “strategic growth plan” is entirely different than a start-up business plan, and […]

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Make Finance the Foundation of Your Growth: Step 3 of my Business Tune Up Program

Bankers: Your new best friend

Ready for part 3 in my 4-part Business Tune-Up Program? By now you know what really drives your profits; you have a dashboard that helps you keep track; and you have fixed any cash bottlenecks. Now it’s time to magnify all the good things you are doing in your business […]

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How to Find Operational Leverage: Step 2 of Your Business Tune-Up Program

Sorry to have kept you waiting for part 2 in my 4-part Business Tune-Up Program. This week I want you to find out what really drives the profit numbers in your business. Scrappy entrepreneurs often build very broad-based businesses — which can become a confusing mix of high-profit and no-profit […]

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Put the Spark Back into Your Business: Step 1 of the Business Tune-Up Program

Entrepreneurs are an odd lot.  We pursue a passion but end up with a business. Sure, launching a company seems like a good idea at first. We start with stars in our eyes, but end up married to the dreary demands of running a company. If your business is not […]

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