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Strategic Finance: 6 Accounting Rules You Should Break

When I say the word “accounting” I bet you either tremble with fear or yawn with boredom. Right? Accounting is not some dark science to be feared or ignored. In fact, used correctly, accounting can be the strongest tool in your business strategy toolkit.  The key is to give up thinking […]

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The Simplest Picture is the Best Forecast

Hurricane Photo

Would you rather know the complete wind-speed, temperature, and latitude of a hurricane… or to see this satellite picture of it barreling toward you? To me, forecasting business performance is the same thing.  Give me the big picture so I can worry about the things that matter (like finding batteries […]

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Cash Flow Forecasting … Show me the money!

Cash Flow Cycle

There’s no getting around it. Businesses run on cash.  The current economic situation makes it painfully clear: when the cash flow stops, the business stops. The amazing thing is that every company has the power to both predict and avert sales-related cash flow problems. A few numbers from your balance […]

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