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Avoiding Personal Guarantees: Loans are Fun Again

Seems like every time I start a new business, I start it at the bank.  In the chair.  In front of the loan officer. ME: “I’ve got another great idea Mr. Banker.  I just need a loan for $600,000 to buy a greenhouse.” BANKER: “That’s fine Mr. Worrell.  So long […]

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RMA: The Banker’s Secret Book You Must Know

Understanding Financial Statements

Yes, Virginia, bankers do have a secret book.  Yes, it has answers you need to build your business, get a loan and more.  But wait, it gets even better.  Let me back up just a little. If you are writing a business plan, trying to project your company’s financial future, […]

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Fundraising Quiz: Cap Table, Archangel and 12 other buzz killers

Before you venture out to raise money for your small business, get hip to the lingo.  Don't wait until its too late to learn the difference between your Cap Table and your Capacity… between a Ratchet and a Warrant.   Whether you're looking for a loan or angling for an […]

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3 Startup Lessons from Vineyard Vines

Vineyard Vines is now a very successful menswear company… but it started with two young guys selling neckties from their car. Learn the 3 lessons these founders know about startup funding.

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3 Fundraising Secrets of Hollywood Entrepreneurs

Hollywood movie makers know a thing or two about raising money to start their ventures. Learn three of these tricks — including my favorite “Selling things that don’t exist”.

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Bootstrap Finance: 3 Options When Banks say “NO”

Customer Segmentation Strategies

Loans are drying up. But angel investors, self-directed 401(k)s, and other self-finance options are available for entrepreneurs who want to bootstrap their startup or business growth. Try these alternatives to bank loans

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