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Make Finance the Foundation of Your Growth: Step 3 of my Business Tune Up Program

Bankers: Your new best friend

Ready for part 3 in my 4-part Business Tune-Up Program? By now you know what really drives your profits; you have a dashboard that helps you keep track; and you have fixed any cash bottlenecks. Now it’s time to magnify all the good things you are doing in your business […]

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Retirement is Dead: Retire in Entrepreneurial Style by Building Wealth Instead of Savings

I’ve accepted it: Retirement is dead. Anyone still working today might never be able to retire. So why are we all putting money into retirement savings accounts?  Between IRAs, ROTHs, 401(k)s, SIMPLEs, SEPs and SOLOs, there’s no shortage of ways to save for a day that may never arrive.  And […]

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Keep your Sanity and your Money with this One Simple Bookkeeping Mantra

simple accounting rules

Its amazing how complicated you can make bookkeeping if you try. Apply for a handful of credit cards, get two or three bank accounts, and carry arround a checkbook … and you’re on your way to a life of late payments and bounced checks. There’s a better way. In fact, […]

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Get Ready for the Coming Boom in 2012

Plan for Growth in the New Year

Prepare your small business for the next economic boom cycle. The recession is ending. Now is the time to get ahead of competitors by gearing up for growth and expansion.

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New Business Loans… and a Cup of Coffee to Go

Starbucks just announced an innovative new small business loan program called “Create Jobs for USA”.  Yes, along with doling out $5 cups of coffee, Starbucks will now fund loans of $50,000 and more for small businesses. The company has a history of “micro-finance” in developing countries; this is its first program […]

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9 Lies We Tell Ourselves About Loans

Getting a loan is not easy these days, and as a result too many entrepreneurs have given up even looking.  Instead we run around searching for all kinds of private equity and venture funding…  But if given a choice between a good old-fashioned loan and any other form of finance, […]

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Sinking in Debt? Swim Over to 10 Reputable Debt Consolidators

[By Guest Blogger Marc Brown] Startup is a time of wild optimism. The sky’s the limit and everything seems possible. It’s also a time when entrepreneurs look for cash – borrowing and spending their way through the birth of a new company. Unfortunately, wild optimism and boundless borrowing are the […]

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Bank Loans: 7 Secrets to Crack the Safe Wide Open

Lending is tight, but loans are available for the well-informed. If you are looking for a business loan, know these 7 keys to approval before you sit down with a banker. You won’t find these secrets anywhere else!

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