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Writing a rock solid business plan can be difficult. The Best Business Plan template is here to help you get through the process fast and most importantly, effectively. Designed after years and years of writing plans for entrepreneurs, venture capitalists, angel investors, and banks. You can get the business plan template here for just $29.97.

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PS: If you don’t have a great business plan and a clear financial forecast, please let me help you. I’ve written hundreds of business plans, and I can make your plan so powerful, so inspiring, that you’ll wonder why you haven’t started the business years ago.

Entrepreneurs from Silicon Valley to Miami Florida have paid me tens of thousands of dollars each to get my help with their business plans. But money cannot buy the BEST business plan… because that can only come from YOU. It does of course, help if you know how to write one.

But writing one is hard. So now I’m offering you my very own template – designed after years and years of writing plans for entrepreneurs, venture capitalists, angel investors, and banks. You can get my business plan template here for just $29.97.

It’s the same template I’ve used to write $25,000 business plans. It takes all the guesswork out of writing a plan and helps you stay focused on what is important to investors, banks…. and what should be important to YOU to build a great business. And the best part is, that I’m also available to help you write it at a price I’ve never offered before.

And its guaranteed. You don’t like it? Just say so, and I’ll refund your money with a smile.

But, here’s the best part. If you’ll buy the template and take a good crack at it yourself, I’ll be here to help you fill in the blanks. I can only help a small number of people at one time, so don’t delay. If you feel like you’ll need some heavy lifting done, I’ll jump in and put my shoulder to the grindstone for you.

We will have at least 3 personal one-on-one phone calls to review your plan. I will help you write and research key sections, and I’ll even open my rollodex to find you the resources you need to make your plan a reality.
So whether you are planning a brand new business, or just growing your current one, start with a solid plan.

As Ben Franklin said, “Failing to Plan is the same as Planning to Fail”. Click the button below to be taken through a totally secure PayPal checkout process. At the end, you’ll get links to download not just the best plan template in the world, but also a free gift that will help you forecast your profits from your new business. Don’t wait. I can’t help you if you don’t ask. Click the button below to get started right away.

The sooner you finish the plan, the faster you can attract investors, customers, and profits. Select your option, then click the button. PayPal will do the rest. And remember — your purchase comes with a 100% money back satisfaction guarantee.

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