CFO Services

CFOs play a pivotal role in growing organizations. They don’t just generate numbers; they interpret those numbers and provide unique insights into the business.

Could you use a teammate that deeply understands your financial options? A trusted advisor that can explain what your numbers mean and help you make better business decisions proactively?

At Fuse Financial Partners, our part-time and outsourced CFOs extend beyond the accounting department and thoughtfully deliver on all areas that affect the financial and operational success of your business.

And with our proprietary Fusion Model, your FUSE CFO will bring discipline to the process of evaluating and growing your business.

We deliver objective advice about — and help you implement — everything from operational improvement to capital formation.  Your CFO will be your sounding board and guide to ensure your financial understanding of your business continues to grow.

No matter what is happening in your company, our multi-disciplined team has helped clients through periods of rapid growth and expansion, through turnarounds and bankruptcy, through mergers and shifts in business models.

Let us provide ongoing CFO services and financial expertise that match your business needs at an economical monthly rate. Call now.

CFO Services

  • Outsourced/Interim/Part-Time CFO
  • Strategic Planning
  • Risk and Compliance Management
  • Internal, External and Management Reporting
  • Treasury Services and Banking Relationships
  • Capital Formation and Investor Relationships


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