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Put Everything in the Cloud … But Put Cloud Accounting First

Online accounting will transform the way your business runs. But that’s just the beginning. Every other business system will eventually be online and must connect to the accounting system. Using an online accounting system will be the single most important move you’ll make… if you follow these 7 rules:

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What is Income? 4 Revenue Recognition Rules You Love to Break (but shouldn’t)!

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It seems to go against the grain of strict accounting rules, but it is true nonetheless: How you organize your financial statements is entirely up to you.  It’s a freedom that can help you better understand your business — so long as you tread carefully. Nowhere is this freedom more […]

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Discover the Benefits of Small Business Payroll Services

Whether your business has four employees or forty, managing payroll can be a tedious process. If you have the expertise in managing employee benefits and have extra time in your schedule, it may make sense to handle the responsibilities yourself.  However, if you are unfamiliar with how to do payroll, […]

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Avoiding Litigation: Liability Insurance for Small Business

It happens every day — a customer slips on a wet floor, an employee trips over a mis-placed electric cord, someone spills hot coffee on themselves…  Headlines are full of personal injury lawsuits filed against small businesses (and large ones too!) No matter how careful you are, accidents happen and […]

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Operating Efficiency: Cost Cutting is Key to Profit in a Medical Practice Office

Running a medical office is no easy feat. There are staffing concerns, coding and billing frustrations and everything in between. In efforts to make healthcare affordable to patients, insurance companies are slashing rates and doctors are feeling the pinch more than anyone. While the 2010 Obama Healthcare law doesn’t include […]

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Tips for Choosing Your Ideal Office Space

Choosing office space can prove quite a challenge for new and established businesses alike. The suitability of the space chosen really can affect the organisation in the long term, so getting it right is incredibly important. Take time to research what sort of spaces are available given your budget, type […]

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Psychology and the Financial Markets: Why Trading is Far from Just a Numbers Game

On the face of it, financial market trading may seem like a strategic numbers game. While this is at least partially true, however, it does not do justice to the complexities and hidden depths that define the course of multiple markets and derivatives. After all, if financial market trading was […]

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How to Prepare Your Finances Before Switching Banks

Making the decision to switch banks, and therefore current accounts, is an easy one. Often you will move into a different state or city, where your present bank is no longer as prevalent. In these cases, you will evaluate the two or three banks that are seen most prominently in […]

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