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Monday Rant: Too Many Choices

A quick trip to the grocery store reminded me of my least-favorite aspect of modern life: drowning in consumer choices. At Target this weekend I ran across no less than 7 different kinds of Dijon Mustard. And that’s just one brand of Dijon.  I’m not even counting the entire shelf […]

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Monday Rant: The Lame Name Game Takes Another Victim

There are few companies that I love, but Administaff was one.   Why?  Because they did exactly what their brand name says — they took care of all the administration of my staff, including HR, payroll, benefits, liabilities, hiring, compensation, etc.   Administaff was my trusted partner / PEO (Professional Employer […]

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What’s a Tweet Worth? About $5…or $50,000 if you are Charlie Sheen

I’ve always wondered… what’s the value of a Tweet? Fortunately, someone far smarter than me has put pencil to paper and come up with a good guess.  (Here’s the whole story about the Value of Facebook Likes and Tweets, but I’ll save you the click.)  Here’s the results: So how […]

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300 Reasons to Stay Up All Night

I spend waaaayyyy too much time online these days.  So much so that I haven’t been out to a bar or club or restaurant in weeks.  Some of you are laughing (and you should) but too many of you aren’t laughing.  It’s easy to understand how even reasonable people get […]

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The World’s Most Secret Advertising Secret in the World

What is it about us humans?  We are smart, big-brained animals.  We are (almost) on top of the food chain, and advanced enough to build skyscrapers and rocket ships.  But when it comes to advertising, we continue to fall for the stupidest stuff in the universe. 17 Secrets of Hollywood […]

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Make it Easy to Buy: 3 Strikes for AT&T

Monday Rant: Evidently, AT&T has too many customers. They certainly make it hard to spend money with them! Any one else have too many customers?

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The $64 Penalty — Why Pricing Matters

I stayed at a World-class “Kessler” hotel this weekend… and learned all about “Penalty-based Pricing”. Did they really want me to stay there? Short rant… big lesson for pricing strategies. Richard Kessler, are you listening??

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Get Big: How Company Scale Drives Profits — Or Not

37signals partner David Hannson speaks about growth, sales, scalability, and profits. Hear from his competitors on this topic too — Avidian and SalesForce are compared.

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