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Get Ready for the Coming Boom in 2012

Plan for Growth in the New Year

Prepare your small business for the next economic boom cycle. The recession is ending. Now is the time to get ahead of competitors by gearing up for growth and expansion.

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VIDEO: “Why” Is the Reason Some Companies Rocket to the Top

This is not a finance topic, but it’s the key to nearly everything else in your business. You already know the “TED Talks“, right?  Well here’s one that is both Inspiring and Useful.  Posted above is a talk that Simon Sinek should have called “The WHY of Market Leaders”. Take his advice to […]

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Which Customers Can You Do Without?

“Customer Segmentation” was something I learned about the hard way.  With 200-some customers at my company, it became apparent that we were spending as much time servicing the smallest ones as the largest.  Too much time! Then my wizened mentor asked me a simple but profound question:  “Is your worst […]

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Curating, Content and Fun: 3 rules for business in 2012

The CEO of (an amazing luxury ecommerce company), Susan Lyne just revealed her vision of the future of “curated” commerce. She describes why Gilt “curates” their site and shares 3 new rules for doing business online.  That’s great, but let’s go further and just say it — these 3 secrets apply to all businesses.  Whether you sell […]

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Pricing: 4 steps to Price for Profit

There are plenty of ideas about how to calculate the perfect price for your products or services, but none are very interesting or useful for your small business. If you are looking for something to put you to sleep, reading about “price theory” is perfect.  You could learn to set prices […]

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Mobile Payment Technology: 6 new ways to take your customer’s money

The ATM on the sidewalk is dead.  Long live the ATM in my pocket. In 1973 the first ATMs changed the way customers paid. And for 40 years they remained a vital fixture of retailers, gas stations, and banks…until now. Now cash and ATMs are quickly losing their appeal as new technology gives […]

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Yuck: The Billion-Dollar Girl Scout Cookie Revolt

Orangutans threatened by girl scout cookies

The Girl Scouts of America is learning an important business lesson this week, as a couple of pissed-off  teenagers are jeopardizing their billion dollar cookie empire.  It’s a business lesson worth learning. The problem?  GSA preaches ecology and good stewardship of the planet, but each year it sells 198 million boxes of […]

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American Idol made my business ROCK!

After 10 seasons of watching American Idol, the endless Coke commercials and Ryan Seacrest jokes have paid off: I’ve gleaned great business wisdom from watching American Idol. The idols, judges, and millions of wanna-be’s have taught me at least three things that every entrepreneur should know: Idol Wisdom #1: It takes 6 months […]

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