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New Business Loans… and a Cup of Coffee to Go

Starbucks just announced an innovative new small business loan program called “Create Jobs for USA”.  Yes, along with doling out $5 cups of coffee, Starbucks will now fund loans of $50,000 and more for small businesses. The company has a history of “micro-finance” in developing countries; this is its first program […]

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Ace Your Investor Pitch: “Say This Not That!”

Few companies are invited to pitch to investors, even fewer will leave with a check. Winning an investment from VC, Angels or PEGs is tough because even a small mistake can sink your chances. In the high-pressure boardroom where millions hang in the balance, there are some things just better left unsaid.  Here’s my 5 […]

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9 Lies We Tell Ourselves About Loans

Getting a loan is not easy these days, and as a result too many entrepreneurs have given up even looking.  Instead we run around searching for all kinds of private equity and venture funding…  But if given a choice between a good old-fashioned loan and any other form of finance, […]

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Raising Capital is a Breeze with

Anyone who’s tried to get an introduction to investors knows how difficult making a good connection can be. Even if you can find qualified and interested investors, you’re likely nervous about standing in front of a bunch of wealthy old men in suits.  Start-up fundraising is hard…to say the least. […]

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The Danger with Angels: Investors Who Want Too Much

When you’re hunting for an angel, they all seem so, well, angelic. Don’t be fooled; living with an angel investor can be a devilish problem.

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Sinking in Debt? Swim Over to 10 Reputable Debt Consolidators

[By Guest Blogger Marc Brown] Startup is a time of wild optimism. The sky’s the limit and everything seems possible. It’s also a time when entrepreneurs look for cash – borrowing and spending their way through the birth of a new company. Unfortunately, wild optimism and boundless borrowing are the […]

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Bank Loans: 7 Secrets to Crack the Safe Wide Open

Lending is tight, but loans are available for the well-informed. If you are looking for a business loan, know these 7 keys to approval before you sit down with a banker. You won’t find these secrets anywhere else!

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Avoiding Personal Guarantees: Loans are Fun Again

Seems like every time I start a new business, I start it at the bank.  In the chair.  In front of the loan officer. ME: “I’ve got another great idea Mr. Banker.  I just need a loan for $600,000 to buy a greenhouse.” BANKER: “That’s fine Mr. Worrell.  So long […]

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