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When You Swim With Sharks, Take Your Calculator

You ought to have your calculator handy when you watch ABC’s Shark Tank, the TV show where wealthy angel investors make on-the-spot investments into small businesses. Recently a middle-aged business owner was offered 3 deals in rapid succession.  For me, this was a simple math problem: Which offer gave the […]

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Negotiating with Angels: When to Rescue a Funding Deal – and When to Walk Away

You’ve been carefully nurturing an equity investor and now he’s threatening to walk away from the deal. Despite an endless number of presentations, term sheets, meetings with partners and expensive legal documents, it looks like the negotiation is going to unravel.  And that could unravel your business too. What’s an […]

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3.5 Places Where Angel Investors Hide

You’ve probably heard stories of Angel Investors swooping in to help fund a company.  In today’s tight financial environment, it almost sounds like an urban myth.  But wealthy individuals who invest in private companies do exist.  And they are more plentiful than you might imagine.  You might already know several. […]

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2 Websites Every Business Planner Must Know

Whether you’re a launching a new product or a new startup, business planning and funding takes a huge amount of time.  Now you can cut weeks – or maybe even months – off of the business planning and fundraising process of your new business idea.  Before you do anything else, […]

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How to Clip the Wings of an Angel Investor

I almost don’t want to say it… “Do what you love, and the money will follow.”  You’ve heard it a thousand times, but it has a whole new meaning if you are looking to raise money from angel investors. Angel investors — high net-worth individuals who make personal bets on […]

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Don’t Let Investors Boss You Around

You love being your own boss, but will investors in your company let you keep that job? Taking venture capital – or even just a few thousand dollars from angels – often comes with strings attached.  Be ready for investors to ask for a seat on your board of directors […]

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Don’t Even Think About Raising Capital… Without These 5 Answers

If you are looking for a loan or an investor, are you prepared to present a rock solid idea to them?  Whether you are a start up or a giant company, investors ask tough questions. Fortunately, most questions fall into just a few categories. In fact, if you can confidently […]

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Seed Funding: How to Raise $1 Million in 173 Easy Steps

Every entrepreneur wants more money to start their business.  Knowing how to raise startup money has been a secret art.  Now there’s a great road map to seed funding thanks to a guy named Brendan Baker and a young-ish company called AppMakr. AppMakr figured they needed just $1 million seed […]

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