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Shark Tank Exposed: ABC’s ‘Shark Investors’ are Unrealistic and Dangerous

Sadly, ABC’s “Shark Tank” is giving private equity investing a bad name. The “Sharks” are not the wise old investors they appear to be, but truly dangerous “Loan Sharks” that are out to eat entrepreneurs alive.

Comparing real-world Angel Investors to the show’s Sharks is, well, like comparing fish to fowl. Real Angel Investors are in it for the long-haul. They want to give an entrepreneur cash to grow the companies — and they stick around until the business is large enough to sell. The Sharks, however, are looking for short-term gains that threaten to ruin the very businesses they invest in. Here’s a prime example of one deal that could do more harm than good….

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Who Is an Accredited Investor? General Advertising in Private Offerings of Securities Brings New Challenges

Any private company can now advertise its stock for sale… via the internet, TV, text messages, Twitter, newspapers, magazines, Facebook, email, LinkedIn, etc. Fundraising now depends on how you present and promote your business plan to potential investors — even strangers. However, with easier access to capital comes increased risk on the Issuer to verify the status of Accredited Investors…

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Don’t Be Shark Bait: Tell an Investor What Your Company is Worth Now… and Later!

The ABC reality TV show “Shark Tank” is incredible.  Each week, contestants are offered millions of dollars for a piece of their company.  They have about 30 seconds to say yes or no.  It looks simple, doesn’t it? Behind the scenes, it is anything but simple — and the business […]

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Cash When You Need it Most: How to Use Your Customers Credit to Borrow Money Now

Employees won’t wait for payroll and landlords don’t want to hear about your cash flow when rent is due. Sure, cash is a problem.  But if you have Accounts Receivable, you already have the keys to unlocking more cash. Here’s how you can get the cash when you need it […]

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Loan Applications: 4 Things to Never Tell your Banker (by guest blogger Rob Severson)

In my 40-year career I have met with 100’s of business people seeking loans.  It is the fun part of what I do. But I’ve also seen some common mistakes that entrepreneurs make, particularly when talking to a banker. Sometimes I think bankers speak a different language than entrepreneurs.  Be very careful […]

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Crowdfunding Update: What you Need to Know Today to Raise Equity from the Crowd

If you’re looking to raise money for your business or startup, you should start getting ready now to offer stock to the general public under the new law called Jumpstart our Business Startups, or JOBS Act. Title III of the JOBS Act allows private businesses — even startups — to raise money from […]

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Saved by a PEG: How Private Equity Groups are Riding to Your Rescue

Royal Armory, London (photo by David Worrell, 2011)

If these seem like dark days for funding or selling your business, you need a white knight to save the day.  Today, that’s likely to be a Private Equity Group.  There are hundreds of Private Equity Groups in the USA that together control billions of dollars of business capital.  Much of […]

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Retirement is Dead: Retire in Entrepreneurial Style by Building Wealth Instead of Savings

I’ve accepted it: Retirement is dead. Anyone still working today might never be able to retire. So why are we all putting money into retirement savings accounts?  Between IRAs, ROTHs, 401(k)s, SIMPLEs, SEPs and SOLOs, there’s no shortage of ways to save for a day that may never arrive.  And […]

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