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What is Income? 4 Revenue Recognition Rules You Love to Break (but shouldn’t)!

business metrics

It seems to go against the grain of strict accounting rules, but it is true nonetheless: How you organize your financial statements is entirely up to you.  It’s a freedom that can help you better understand your business — so long as you tread carefully. Nowhere is this freedom more […]

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How to See a Cash Flow Crisis Coming: Prevention is the Only Cure

As a strategy and finance turnaround consultant, I have worked with many companies in crisis – usually one triggered by cash flow problems. The company’s bank account is heading toward the red and the business owner wonders how to meet future expenses. Cash flow crisis require fast action and the […]

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6 (Legal) Ways to Fix Year End Financial Statements and Pay Less Tax

The sun has set on 2014 and your year-end financial statements look a bit gloomy. Maybe you are showing a bad loss - or maybe too much profit. You need financial statements that will impress your banker, let you pay less tax, and better position you for profits in the new year. But how? [...]Continue Reading »

Employee or 1099 Contract Labor? Fix the Problem and Get Right with the IRS … For Free

1099 Employee problems are no problem

Avoid all these payments, pains and problems by taking advantage of the IRS amnesty program. Called the Voluntary Classification Settlement Program, it grants virtually blanket amnesty for all prior years, while allowing you to make things right at a discounted rate for the current tax year only. To my mind, this is the best deal to come out of the IRS since … well… ever.

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Alternatives to the IPO: Public Market Liquidity for the Small Business

small business frauds

Let’s face it, an Initial Public Offering (IPO) is not in your future.  I’m not trying to be mean, just realistic: an IPO will never be a fit for 99% of companies. Selling stock to the general public is just too complicated, too expensive and relies too much on rapid […]

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Are You Using Strategic Filters to Analyze Growth Opportunities?

Strategy development and business growth should not include flipping a coin

[By guest blogger Mary Bruce]     I thought it was a pretty simple question. “What do you want this business to look like in five years?” However, Joan didn’t like it at all. “That’s not a question I can answer. Our market is limited. In order to grow, we […]

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Business Cash Crisis? Push your Cash Conversion Cycle

It’s OK, at some point, every business owner feels it.  It starts with a tightening of the chest.  Then there’s the ache in the pit of your stomach.  And a fuzzy feeling in your head. Why? It’s almost payday and you’re short on cash. First, breathe.  Stressing out won’t put cash […]

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Shark Tank Exposed: ABC’s ‘Shark Investors’ are Unrealistic and Dangerous

Sadly, ABC’s “Shark Tank” is giving private equity investing a bad name. The “Sharks” are not the wise old investors they appear to be, but truly dangerous “Loan Sharks” that are out to eat entrepreneurs alive.

Comparing real-world Angel Investors to the show’s Sharks is, well, like comparing fish to fowl. Real Angel Investors are in it for the long-haul. They want to give an entrepreneur cash to grow the companies — and they stick around until the business is large enough to sell. The Sharks, however, are looking for short-term gains that threaten to ruin the very businesses they invest in. Here’s a prime example of one deal that could do more harm than good….

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