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Quit Your Job Now – While You Still Can

A Harvard Business Review article (and podcast) called “The High Intensity Entrepreneur” makes this shocking claim: “To be successful, entrepreneurs should wait until they are in their 30’s before launching a business.” I almost dropped my iPod when I heard this. The article actually quotes a study that says most […]

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Get Ready for the Coming Boom in 2012

Plan for Growth in the New Year

Prepare your small business for the next economic boom cycle. The recession is ending. Now is the time to get ahead of competitors by gearing up for growth and expansion.

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VIDEO: “Why” Is the Reason Some Companies Rocket to the Top

This is not a finance topic, but it’s the key to nearly everything else in your business. You already know the “TED Talks“, right?  Well here’s one that is both Inspiring and Useful.  Posted above is a talk that Simon Sinek should have called “The WHY of Market Leaders”. Take his advice to […]

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The Internet is Making You Stoopid

While most Americans were surfing funny pet videos on YouTube last week, the Wall Street Journal reported that the Internet is making us stupid and killing the kind of creativity that entrepreneurs need.   But surprise!   It’s not YouTube or LOLcats that is squashing entrepreneurship.  In fact, just the opposite.  Here’s […]

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Entrepreneurship: Now Available at Your Local University

I’m thrilled that “entrepreneurship” is now a major you can study in school.  In fact, you can get a master’s degree in entrepreneurship.   College is a time for focused, intense learning no matter what subject you pick.  Same holds for business majors and entrepreneurs as it does for doctors […]

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Elon Musk: “3 Secrets of my Success”

Are you up for a wild ride through the mind of an rock-star entrepreneur? Give Elon Musk a call and ask him to share his secrets to success.  I did just that and the 39-year-old billionaire did not hesitate to give me three lessons he’s learned the hard way.  Here they are in […]

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How a Boy Billionaire Starts a New Business

Sean Parker - Entrepreneur, Genius, Billionaire

Boy billionaire Sean Parker got famous pretty young and pretty fast.  If you are old enough to remember the original company called “Napster” then you know the kind of trouble Sean Parker caused in 1999.  His amazing little file-sharing company kicked off a revolution in the music business and made (then […]

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Old Guys Rock: Mature Entrepreneurs Wanted

Older Entrepreneurs Build Longer-Lasting Companies

You feeling old yet?  It’s hard not to when the news is full of kids starting companies that get bought before they even post a sale.  Suddenly 20-somethings like Zuckerberg are hot.  Pre-revenue startups are hotter.  And the Web is once again the new-new-thing. Well I’ve lived through this irrational exuberance before.  It’s […]

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