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Is 30 “Too Young” to Start a Business?

Mark Zuckerberg

A Harvard Business Review article (and podcast) called “The High Intensity Entrepreneur” makes this shocking claim: “To be successful, entrepreneurs should wait until they are in their 30’s before launching a business.” I almost dropped my iPod when I heard this. The article actually quotes a study that says most […]

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The CFO who Fired Himself

A funny thing happened to me during the 5th year of my 3rd start-up: I fired myself. The company continued on, but I walked away. Why? I could say that the company could no longer afford a CFO. (Sales had dipped during the recession, and I was working at half pay.) But that’s just an excuse.

The real reason I fired myself from the company that I helped start has everything to do with being a company owner and nothing to do with working in the company you own.

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Keep It In the Family: Tax Advantages to Putting Your Family to Work

Are your kids itching for extra spending money? Got a spouse lounging around the house who needs something to do? Is dad retired and underfoot? Round them all up and put them to work… and the IRS will reward you with tax breaks that can really add up. Teach Your […]

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Rocket-Man: Elon Musk’s Secret of the Pivot

I had a rare opportunity to speak with Elon Musk.  In case that name is not familiar, you certainly know him by what he has done in the last decade: Musk revolutionized online payments with PayPal, re-imagined space travel with SpaceX, and created one of the hottest (and all-electric) cars […]

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Put the Spark Back into Your Business: Step 1 of the Business Tune-Up Program

Entrepreneurs are an odd lot.  We pursue a passion but end up with a business. Sure, launching a company seems like a good idea at first. We start with stars in our eyes, but end up married to the dreary demands of running a company. If your business is not […]

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Making Sure Your Business Can Bounce Back: the Best Ways to Prepare for the Unexpected

The business environment is constantly changing. Even the most carefully conceived business plan cannot claim to be bullet proof in a dynamic setting in which there are too many unknown and unpredictable elements. The success and longevity of a business in any industry will depend on its agility to deal […]

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2 Websites Every Business Planner Must Know

Whether you’re a launching a new product or a new startup, business planning and funding takes a huge amount of time.  Now you can cut weeks – or maybe even months – off of the business planning and fundraising process of your new business idea.  Before you do anything else, […]

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Don’t Grow Like Groupon: Why Growth is Bad for Your Business

In today’s hyper-fast business world, we watch startups like Groupon go from zero to billions seemingly overnight. It’s tempting to measure yourself by these examples and to feel wholly inadequate.  Personally, I have to wonder: Why aren’t my businesses growing as fast as these new-age juggernauts? What am I doing wrong?  Is hyper-growth the new […]

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