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Leadership: 3 Insights from Tech Titan Ridgley Evers (Video!)

Today’s post is a video on business building lessons. I made this video for American Express OPEN card and it’s part of their great site for entrepeneurs. This short interview with California tech giant Ridgley Evers was shot entirely on his beautiful vineyard in Napa County.  In it you’ll learn Ridgley’s secrets to building […]

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Half Your Customers are Already Dead … do you know which half?

It’s tough to sell anything if you don’t know the name of your buyer.  That’s been the problem with Business to Business sales… “prospect databases” are hard to find and are rarely accurate.  People move around and change jobs so rapidly that yesterday’s prospects are today’s wrong numbers. In an excellent […]

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When Wages Drive Profits: The ONLY Way Employees Pay You Back

When someone says “Our People Make the Difference”… I always roll my eyes.  We all hire from the same talent pool.  No employer really has an advantage … and no large group of people can be that amazingly different from any other large group of people. Or so I thought…Until […]

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4 BIG Secrets to Raising Venture Capital

Protect Trade Secrets - shhhh

Every entrepreneur dreams of rocketing to success with the help of a million-dollar investment from a venture capital firm. Just as athletes dream of Olympic Gold and climbers pine to scale Mt. Everest, entrepreneurs will always strive to attract Venture Capital dollars. I’ve helped dozens of entrepreneurs raise millions of dollars […]

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Bootstrap Finance: 3 Options When Banks say “NO”

Customer Segmentation Strategies

Loans are drying up. But angel investors, self-directed 401(k)s, and other self-finance options are available for entrepreneurs who want to bootstrap their startup or business growth. Try these alternatives to bank loans

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How Big Can Your Business Be? Grow to meet your Addressable Market

Total Addressable Market or TAM is a good word to use in front of your banker and it’s simpler than it sounds. Learn to calculate your TAM — then use it to plan your business

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Business Cash Crisis? Push the Cycle

At some point, every business owner feels it. It starts with a tightening of the chest.  Then there’s the ache in the pit of your stomach.  And the fuzzy feeling in your head. Why? It’s almost payday and you’re short on cash. First, breathe.  Stressing out won’t put cash in the […]

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Tips for Choosing Your Ideal Office Space

Choosing office space can prove quite a challenge for new and established businesses alike. The suitability of the space chosen really can affect the organisation in the long term, so getting it right is incredibly important. Take time to research what sort of spaces are available given your budget, type […]

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