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Calculate Profitability: How to Build a Profitable Business (Video)

Is your business making money for you or not? To answer this question, you have to know the difference between Gross Profit and Net Profit.  And to know that… well, I’m getting ahead of myself. To make this all a lot simpler, I’ve made a couple of VERY short videos. […]

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Old Guys Rock: Mature Entrepreneurs Wanted

Older Entrepreneurs Build Longer-Lasting Companies

You feeling old yet?  It’s hard not to when the news is full of kids starting companies that get bought before they even post a sale.  Suddenly 20-somethings like Zuckerberg are hot.  Pre-revenue startups are hotter.  And the Web is once again the new-new-thing. Well I’ve lived through this irrational exuberance before.  It’s […]

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Monday Rant: Too Many Choices

A quick trip to the grocery store reminded me of my least-favorite aspect of modern life: drowning in consumer choices. At Target this weekend I ran across no less than 7 different kinds of Dijon Mustard. And that’s just one brand of Dijon.  I’m not even counting the entire shelf […]

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What do bloggers earn? Writing is no way to make a living!

My wife is a great cook.  A certified pastry chef and professional food buyer. She loves everything about food.  And she’s good at it.  Really good.  Her Twitter name is “@JustSayYum“, if that gives you a clue about where her head is. So, while I love her cooking, I keep […]

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The Simplest Picture is the Best Forecast

Hurricane Photo

Would you rather know the complete wind-speed, temperature, and latitude of a hurricane… or to see this satellite picture of it barreling toward you? To me, forecasting business performance is the same thing.  Give me the big picture so I can worry about the things that matter (like finding batteries […]

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Why Neurotic People Win


I’ve had a hard time focusing lately. The world is moving too fast and I can’t stop thinking that there’s more I should be doing.  Just reading a single issue of INC Magazine I get bombarded with 10 Next Big Things: from iPad apps and organic chocolate bars to video […]

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Avoiding Personal Guarantees: Loans are Fun Again

Seems like every time I start a new business, I start it at the bank.  In the chair.  In front of the loan officer. ME: “I’ve got another great idea Mr. Banker.  I just need a loan for $600,000 to buy a greenhouse.” BANKER: “That’s fine Mr. Worrell.  So long […]

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RMA: The Banker’s Secret Book You Must Know

Understanding Financial Statements

Yes, Virginia, bankers do have a secret book.  Yes, it has answers you need to build your business, get a loan and more.  But wait, it gets even better.  Let me back up just a little. If you are writing a business plan, trying to project your company’s financial future, […]

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