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Don’t Be Shark Bait: Tell an Investor What Your Company is Worth Now… and Later!

The ABC reality TV show “Shark Tank” is incredible.  Each week, contestants are offered millions of dollars for a piece of their company.  They have about 30 seconds to say yes or no.  It looks simple, doesn’t it? Behind the scenes, it is anything but simple — and the business […]

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We Now Interrupt Your 2015 Tax Season…

to Discuss Your 2016 Taxes (7 Tax Law Changes You Must Know Now) OK, nobody loves tax season.  If you’re feeling stressed out by the looming April 15th tax deadline (or the just-passed deadline for company taxes!), take a break.  Forget taxes for a moment and instead look ahead to […]

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American Greed: The 10 Worst Corporate Scandals of All Time (infographic)

We’ve talked about Shark Tank… Now let’s talk about the other Business-Meets-Reality TV Show, “American Greed”.  Check out this amazing infographic: “The Ten Worst Corporate Accounting Scandals of All Time“. More than $250 billion vanished!  Can you name the perps?  When you’re finished, take a moment to look at your […]

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Your Money or Your Wife: The Danger of Mixing of Love and Business

I was 27 and struggling with my first start-up when I met my wife. She seemed like the perfect addition to my growing company. She worked without pay and never complained when the job kept me at the office until midnight – because she was there too. I told this […]

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Cash When You Need it Most: How to Use Your Customers Credit to Borrow Money Now

Employees won’t wait for payroll and landlords don’t want to hear about your cash flow when rent is due. Sure, cash is a problem.  But if you have Accounts Receivable, you already have the keys to unlocking more cash. Here’s how you can get the cash when you need it […]

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6 Ways Tablets (Should) Power Your Business

Small business success means being more productive than the competition: Faster, better, cheaper. And there’s no tool that will make a business faster, better and more productive than a tablet computer. If your business is not tablet-ized, now is the time. Don’t shudder when you think about splurging on a […]

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Screaming Won’t Help when Too Much Cash Kills Your Business

I’m embarrassed to tell you that I actually screamed at a salesman over the phone today.  It takes a lot to get me worked up, but in this case I broke.  I simply wanted to PAY this guy, and he could not take payment over the phone. ME: “What? No invoicing?  No […]

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The Cheapskate’s Guide to Employee Benefits: 3 Ways to Cut Costs and Keep Employees Happy

When companies look to cut costs, employee benefits are one of the first things to go. That saves money, but hurts morale – right when you need your team to pull together and work harder. Fortunately, there are ways for you to cut expenses and provide some excellent employee benefits. Here […]

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