2017 Tax Deadlines and Calendar

If you’re done celebrating the turn of the calendar, then its time to thing about the 2017 tax deadlines.  Below is a quick calendar of the tax deadlines for 2017. We’ve highlighted the dates that have changed from last year — several things are due sooner than they were in 2016.

  • January 17th: due date to pay 4th quarter estimated taxes.
  • January 31st:
    • Due date to send out 1099s and W-2s to recipients.
    • New Deadline: due date to file 1099s/1096s with amounts in Box 7 and W-2s/W-3s with the IRS. Previously these were not due to the IRS until February 28th if paper filing and March 31st if filing electronically.
    • Healthcare open enrollment for 2017 closes.
  • February 28th: due date to file 1099s/1096s that do not have amounts in Box 7 if you are paper filing.
  • March 15th:
    • Due date to file S-Corp (1120S) returns
    • Due date to elect S-Corp status for existing corporations or LLCs.
    • New Deadline: due date to file partnership returns (1065). Previously these were not due until April 15th.
  • March 31st: due date to file 1099s/1096s that do not have amounts in Box 7 if you are filing electronically.
  • April 17th:
    • Due date to file individual (1040) and trust (1041) returns.
    • New Deadline: due date to file C-Corp returns. Previously these were dueMarch 15th.
    • Last day to make HSA contributions and contributions to the majority of retirement plans.
    • Due date to pay 1st quarter estimated payments.
  • May 15th: due date to file most nonprofit returns (Form 990).
  • June 15th: due date to pay 2nd quarter estimated payments.
  • September 15th:
    • Due date for extended S-Corp and partnership tax returns.
    • Due date to pay 3rd quarter estimated payments.
  • October 2nd New Deadline: due date for extended trust returns. Previously these were due September 15th.
  • October 16th:
    • Due date for extended individual tax returns.
    • New Deadline: due date for extended C-Corp returns. Previously these were due September 15th.
  • November 15th New Deadline: due date to file extended nonprofit returns. Previously you could apply for a 3 month extension (August 15th) and a second three month extension (November 15th). This changes it to one six-month extension like most other returns.

The year will be over before you know it … Now is the time to prepare your accounting records for review by your tax person!  Call FUSE … we can help!

photo credit: danielfoster437 Calendar via photopin (license)

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  1. Thanks for the list of due payments. I’ve been thinking about starting a small home business this year, these are helpful. I didn’t know Feb 28 was the due date 1099s.

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